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Trueself Aesthetic Makeovers is a unique day care center for plastic surgery with special emphasis on cosmetic surgery. All preoperative planning, preparation and post operative follow up of cosmetic surgery cases are undertaken here. We also under take conservative procedures for those who do not need surgery or are unfit for them. The wealth of exposure to world renowned cosmetic surgeons at home and abroad for more than a decade has imparted profound knowledge to the surgeons to undertake surgeries with excellent results.


The number of people undergoing cosmetic surgery is going up by the day, these are performed to improve the self confidence and to lift the morale of the individual. This in turn contributes to a better quality of life. People taste success in personal and professional levels once they start to look and feel beautiful.


Detailed personalized interaction between surgeon and the client helps to set up a common achievable goal in appearance before embarking on to surgery. Reduction in period of hospital stay positively contributes to minimize the cost of treatment as well as to the reduction in recovery time.


Trueself Aesthetic Makeovers is an effort to imbibe the domains of knowledge in plastic surgery and medicine into the field of regenerative medicine. We aim to apply the state of the art interventions like use of growth factors, platelet rich plasma; negative pressure wound therapy and autologous adipose derived stem cells for the treatment of chronic conditions like diabetic ulcers, varicose ulcers, bedsores, neuropathic ulcers and other non healing ulcers.


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